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Our Story

     Welcome to KeyOfLoves! We are a small clothing company based in Los Angeles. All of our dresses are carefully designed to bring forth a stunning look without compromising comfort. Our embroidered dresses are all hand sewn and each purchase will come with an exclusive 100% polyester bag that not only looks beautiful, but travels well too! We have worked very hard to bring what we feel is a piece of our culture woven with details that we ourselves look for in our own outfits. We truly appreciate all of the love and support we have garnered so far. 

     KeyOfLoves is taking traditional dresses from Vietnam and China and we are adding a modern twist to it. Our ao dai are paired with leggings rather than the typical wide legged pants and all of our dresses have a unique heart shaped neckline. We love the elegant and age long style of the vibrant colors as well as the meticulous stitching. Our goal is to share our traditional dresses but for all occasions. Our dresses are made of a high quality mix of nylon and spandex, making them both comfortable and wrinkle free. Not to mention, you will never have to dry clean them!

     Generally, an ao dai is worn in Vietnam by women (and men) for times of celebration such as tet, weddings, and other formal occasions. Girls also wear them to school as part of their uniforms. The word "ao" means shirt while "dai" means long, describing the style of long silky shirts with two slits on the sides worn in conjunction with pants.

     In China, the equivalent would be the qipao, meaning "long gown". Unlike the ao dai, the qipao is a single piece of garment that oftentimes have slits on either sides or both. Similar to the ao dai, there is a version for men and these outfits are also worn for events of great importance.